Botox Treatment for Clenching

The use of BOTOX has become increasingly popular over the last several years for cosmetic enhancement. BOTOX is a neuromodulator which binds to muscle cells, and does not allow the muscle to contract. This has excellent applications to the treatment of facial pain and headaches, which are often the result of chronic tension being held in those muscles.

If you are a chronic tooth-clencher, BOTOX can be used to decrease the power with which those clenching muscles are able to contract. It can also be used to “reshape” those muscles in cases where they have become enlarged due to excessive use.

Below are before and after photos of my own experience with BOTOX into my brow area. The first picture is one day following BOTOX injections. The second picture (at right) is 2 weeks later. In both photos, I am trying to furrow my brow as hard as I can!

Before BOTOX Treatment         After BOTOX Treatment, 2 weeks later

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