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TMJ Academy

When you receive treatment at Buffalo TMJ in Orchard Park, NY, you automatically gain access to the TMJ Academy.

This multimedia experience teaches you how to alleviate symptoms, improve oral function, and maintain a better quality of life.

Explore how this program, created by renowned dentist, author, and TMJ treatment advocate Dr. Jeffrey Dolgos, can help reduce TMD pain.

What Is TMJ Academy? 

TMJ Academy provides educational resources and other benefits to help patients rehabilitate their jaw muscles. TMJ Academy is also a standalone experience that can be purchased separately if you're not a dental patient at our New York practice. However, our Academy does not replace the professional dentistry help and expertise required to diagnose and treat TMJ disorders. The Academy is meant as a supplement to dental medicine treatment plans to provide the best dental care possible. 

Benefits of Joining the TMJ Academy

Find Comfort

Jaw dysfunction can cause discomfort, jaw muscle stiffness, painful clicking, teeth grinding, dental misalignment, and other symptoms that can eventually take a toll on your dental and overall health. Addressing your TMJ issues with the techniques our dentist, Dr. Dolgos, teaches can help you alleviate pain, feel better on a day-to-day basis, and boost your quality of life.

Achieve Optimal Function

The jaw joints are among the most frequently used joints in the body. They are also among the most complicated. They are comprised of bones, ligaments, and tissue discs that have to work together to perform opening, closing, and sliding motions simultaneously. When the TMJ joints don't function properly, it can affect your chewing, speech, and other movements. This program is designed to help dentistry patients understand and follow the process of TMJ rehab to improve jaw function.

Receive Personalized Support

The Internet can be a useful tool for reading about the symptoms and treatment of TMJ disorder, but online resources rarely provide the personalized care and recommendations you need to alleviate your unique jaw issues. Through access to the TMJ Academy, you can find tools, support, and answers that are personally curated by a dentistry expert.

Holistic Approach

Our courses can help patients address parts of daily life that contribute to TMJ disorders, such as stress, which can tighten the jaw and its surrounding muscles. By including unique techniques like massage and meditation, we can target sources of your TMJ disorder that traditional dental medicine treatments may overlook.

The TMJ Academy Can Help You Get the Relief You Deserve 5-Star Reviews From Patients in New York and Beyond


Joanie M


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I kept waking up with severe headaches and was diagnosed with TMJ. My primary doctor recommended Dr Dolgos and I could not be happier. After following his TMJ program, my headaches are gone !

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Doris H


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If you’re serious about overcoming TMJ issues and aren’t afraid of working for a more pain-free life, give Dr. Dolgos, Kathy & Buffalo TMJ a try!

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Who Can Enroll in the TMJ Academy?


This program is available to any dental patient who is looking for a solution to their TMJ dysfunction. You should have a current diagnosis or a current therapy such as an orthotic device.


Our TMJ Academy is also open to dentists and other professionals who want to learn more about conservative TMJ therapy techniques. 

The TMJ Academy Is Free for Our Patients

Patients who receive TMJ treatment at Buffalo TMJ automatically receive access to the TMJ Academy at no cost. Program fees are included in the cost of your TMJ treatment! 

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Join TMJ Academy  Register or Request an Appointment

TMJ Academy goes beyond traditional dental treatments by offering ongoing resources our patients can access at any time. We want you to feel your best, which is why Dr. Dolgos created the Academy as a way to help patients relieve TMD pain without the need for surgery and irreversible techniques. We can help you recover with weekly exercise plans and therapy sessions you can complete at home. 

Register for the program online or join TMJ Academy for free as a patient of our New York dental practice. Request an appointment at our Buffalo office or call us at: 

(716) 675-5858

Dr. Dolgos instructing TMJ academy
Whether you're in New York state or across the world, you can access TMJ treatment resources from our dental expert.

TMJ Academy Addresses Every Stage of Treatment 

The ultimate goal of TMJ Academy is to help patients recover from TMJ disorder while avoiding the need for surgery and extensive dental procedures. The Academy features resources for every stage of TMJ treatment, including:
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The best solution for TMJ problems is to prevent them from happening in the first place. Our materials curated by Dr. Dolgos can teach patients about TMJ disorder and the bad daily habits that can lead to it, such as teeth grinding. By catching the causes of TMJ disorder early, dentistry patients can save money on corrective treatments and dental procedures needed down the line. 

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TMJ disorders can be complicated and require a multi-faceted approach to thoroughly treat the problem. The TMJ Academy features a 12-week TMJ Rehabilitation course filled with physical therapy exercises, breathing techniques, and lifestyle changes to help you find the road to recovery. Dr. Dolgos demonstrates each exercise in the videos so you can practice them at home. 

Free Sample Video

To give you a better idea of the benefits we offer through TMJ Academy, here’s an example of the instructional videos you can expect when registering for our program. 

Some Academy programs, such as the 12-week rehabilitation course, can be purchased separately. To make these resources more affordable, we accept monthly payment plans for some courses. 

Meet the Doctor: Jeffrey M. Dolgos, DDS

Our dentist, Jeffrey M. Dolgos, DDS, is the founder of the TMJ Academy. He has spent over two decades studying and treating TMJ dysfunction and sleep apnea. His Orchard Park office is exclusively dedicated to helping patients in New York and beyond find relief for their TMD pain and sleep disorders through custom, conservative treatments. 

Treating a TMJ disorder isn't like treating a cavity - it's a process that typically requires ongoing therapy and dedicated lifestyle changes that provide relief over time. Once painful symptoms subside, patients must usually continue taking special measures under a doctor's direction to maintain long-term results. 

This is why Dr. Dolgos took it upon himself to establish the TMJ Academy. This supplemental tool is available to help those who are taking action against temporomandibular joint disorders to experience a lasting improvement in their health, comfort, and quality of life. 

Dr. jeffrey Dolgos

"Super Nice and Professional"  5-Star Reviews for Our New York Dental Practice


Lydia Romer


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Very pleased with Doctor and staff. Professional and extremely competent. Short wait time, friendly everyone, easy parking. Most of all, my treatments seem to be working.

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Tina Beck


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I am so happy to have my daughter and my mom coming here. Dr Dolgos and his staff are super nice and professional. Its like a family there and your part of it....and the best thing...his treatment plans work!!!!!!

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Dr. Dolgos

Buffalo TMJ

Jeffrey M. Dolgos, DDS, has the experience and training to treat TMJ and sleep apnea. His professional achievements include:

  • Academy of General Dentistry - Fellowship
  • American Academy of Craniofacial Pain - Fellowship
  • Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry - Certified Instructor
  • American Academy of Physiological Medicine and Dentistry - Member
  • American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine - Member
  • Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology - Member

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I have suffered from terrible migraines related to TMJ for a long time. I finally found relief after going to Dr. Dolgos! I recently tried Botox injections for my migraines and have had amazing results! If you have TMJ I would definitely recommend making an appointment!
Kathleen B.

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