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“Thank y’all so much for all you did for me and my jaw! I feel so much better and it’s amazing how much an appliance can make a difference.”

~Leila J.

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It is our mission at Buffalo TMJ to help patients overcome jaw pain and dysfunction
without the need for surgery,
and without extensive restorative dentistry.

the History of this Practice

Back in 1989, a local dentist by the name of Dr. Robert Kull made the bold decision to exclusively focus his dental practice on the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ Dysfunction.  He called it Western New York TMD, and it became well-known in this area as the place to go if you had a jaw problem. Dr. Kull took an approach to this problem that was very different from that which is taught in conventional dental education.  His approach placed attention on the form and function of the joint structures themselves, rather than on how the teeth fit together.

Why TMD rather than TMJ?

>> Read a brief discussion on TMJ Semantics.

Dr. Kull concentrated his practice exclusively to the treatment of TMJ dysfunction and facial pain from about 1989 until his retirement in 2011, at which time he passed the baton to me. During his 20+ years of treating TMJ Dysfunction and facial pain, Dr. Kull developed a protocol which was predictable and effective for a high percentage of patients, a unique quality in the field of TMJ Dysfunction. Before he left the profession, he allowed me to see how he evaluated and treated his patients. I have continued to refine and develop this protocol in a continual effort to meet the needs of each individual patient who comes to me for help.

Since 2011, I have worked hard to bridge the gap that exists between effective treatment of Joint Dysfunction, and the repair and restoration of the teeth themselves. I have added several unique treatment modalities to effectively help a wider range of patients, including laser biostimulation, regenerative injection techniques, and BOTOX.  By far the most effective tool we have at our disposal is the stabilization orthotic.  I custom-fabricate these devices personally, and over the years I have come to realize that there is great value in this.  I have never had predictable success in treating these conditions with lab-fabricated devices, so we keep it in-house.

TMJ Rehab: A Step-by-Step Approach

We take a conservative, functional, and orthopedic approach to treatment.  It is our mission to help our patients understand and then overcome the uncomfortable, sometimes painful symptoms that can arise due to malfunctioning jaw joints and muscles.  Our primary objectives are to protect the joint structures from being overloaded, to de-program the neurological reflexes that impair proper jaw function, and to reprogram the neuro-muscular patterns that have led to dysfunction and pain.

First, a complete history and thorough examination are needed in order to begin to understand the patterns at work, and to identify and structural or functional abnormalities.  If imaging would be helpful, I will recommend this at your first visit.  Imaging such as MRI or CT scans are very helpful in many case to better understand the nature of the condition.

If an imbalance can be demonstrated, then a stabilization orthotic may be indicated as a protective and corrective device.  Wearing an orthotic has been the single most effective and predictable method I’ve seen to help patients feel significantly better in a short period of time.

But an orthotic, though helpful in most cases, will not get you the very best results all by itself.  At my office, you will be led through a 12-week TMJ Rehab program which incorporates techniques and exercises I’ve learned and adapted through the years.  It combines elements of physical therapy, kinesiology, yoga, meditation, dietary modification, and vibrational healing into one cohesive program.

The Therapeutic Workbook

Recently, I’ve published a workbook to be used in conjunction with my 12-week TMJ Rehab program.  This workbook is currently available exclusively through my TMJ Rehab program.


This workbook is the product of several years of revision, refinement, addition, and elimination.
This workbook is only the beginning, and I plan to expand it into a full book which will be available for purchase through Amazon in the near future.


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