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TMJ disorder (TMD) can cause serious discomfort and functional issues. Jeffrey Dolgos, DDS, is dedicated to treating TMD non-invasively.

Many patients are surprised to learn that BOTOX® can be used to alleviate jaw pain, headaches, and other symptoms of TMD. 

Find out why patients are thrilled to discover this innovative treatment at our practice in Orchard Park, NY...

5-Star Review for BOTOX Injections Hear from Our Buffalo, NY, Patients

"I have suffered from terrible migraines related to TMJ for a long time. I finally found relief after going to Dr. Dolgos! I recently tried BOTOX injections for my migraines and have had amazing results! If you have TMJ I would definitely recommend making an appointment!" Kathleen B.

Concerns About BOTOX or Injection Pain?

Many of Dr. Dolgos's Buffalo, NY, area patients have heard that BOTOX is made from a toxin and are anxious about receiving an injection in their jaw muscles. Dr. Dolgos wants patients with pain caused by TMJ disorder to know there is nothing to worry about regarding BOTOX treatment. Learn why:

  • The toxin dosage in each muscle injection is extremely low but extremely effective. Also, the toxin has been extensively purified for your safety. Side effects other than a little soreness after treatment are very rare. 
  • Dr. Dolgos is very experienced in administering BOTOX injections to reduce headaches, jaw pain, and teeth grinding with as little discomfort as possible to his patients. He also uses very fine needles that produce virtually no pain.
  • BOTOX treatments at our Orchard Park, NY, dental office, located about 20 minutes southeast of Buffalo, take very little time out of your day. And you'll find our modern dental practice welcoming and relaxing.

Dr. Dolgos Explains TMJ Disorder

TMJ is short for temporomandibular joint. These joints and the muscles attached to them move our jaws up and down and side to side, allowing us to chew, talk, and yawn. Everything from arthritis to stress can cause the muscles to tighten or become inflamed. This is called TMJ disorder, and it can pull your TMJs out of place, which in turn can create debilitating headaches, severe pain, and a misaligned bite. 

How BOTOX Can Treat TMJ Disorder In One Quick Session at Our Buffalo-Area Office

We constantly try to move our jaw into a comfortable position, even subconsciously. When we have a hard time finding that comfortable position, it creates tension in the surrounding muscles and the jaw joint. Over time, this tension can lead to TMJ disorder and cause a variety of health issues.

BOTOX injections relax your muscles and help prevent them from tensing up again. As a result, BOTOX can treat symptoms caused by tension in your jaw, like chronic headaches and teeth grinding. This treatment can be especially effective for patients who suffer from stress or have trouble relaxing in their day-to-day life.

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Stop Suffering from Jaw Pain and Headaches Contact Our TMJ-Focused Dental Practice Today

If you have developed TMJ disorder, simple oral tasks like chewing can become difficult and cause you pain. Dr. Dolgos has focused his dental skills on reducing the causes and symptoms of TMJ disorder, and has found that BOTOX injections can be incredibly beneficial. 

Scheduling a consultation with Dr. Dolgos is the best way for him to use state-of-the-art dental technology to diagnose TMJ disorder. He can then create a customized treatment plan for you involving safe, virtually painless BOTOX injections and other treatment methods. Use our online form or simply call us to schedule your TMJ consultation. 

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"His treatment plans work!!!!!!" Our Patients Say It Best


Lydia Romer


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Very pleased with Doctor and staff. Professional and extremely competent. Short wait time, friendly everyone, easy parking. Most of all, my treatments seem to be working.

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Tina Beck


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I am so happy to have my daughter and my mom coming here. Dr Dolgos and his staff are supper nice and professional. Its like a family there and your part of it....and the best thing...his treatment plans work!!!!!!

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Benefits of BOTOX for TMJ

BOTOX is not just for fine lines and wrinkles. Dentistry has embraced this product as an effective solution for issues related to the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Individuals who undergo BOTOX treatment for TMD can enjoy:

Improved Comfort

BOTOX injections block nerve signals that cause muscle contractions. As a result, the muscles relax and discomfort is reduced.

Enhanced Function

Jaw pain can interfere with simple functions like biting and chewing. BOTOX reduces pain, allowing you to use your jaw normally once again.

Better Dental Health

BOTOX can put a stop to chronic teeth grinding and clenching, conditions that can lead to dental erosion over time.

The Effects of TMD

Diagram of how TMJ can radiate down the neck to the whole body, create chronic tension and pain in the jaw's muscles, becomes misshapen and displaced over time, and will grind against the skull if cartilage deteriorates

What to Expect BOTOX for TMJ Step-by-Step

In most cases, treatment can be completed in just one visit to our office in Orchard Park, NY. Here is what to expect during your appointment:


If it is your first time visiting Dr. Dolgos, he will conduct a thorough evaluation of your jaw. He will ask about your symptoms and feel the way your jaw joints move. In some cases, he may order X-rays or CT scans. After examining your condition, he will recommend if BOTOX injections are a good solution for your dysfunction.


If you and Dr. Dolgos agree to proceed with BOTOX, he will carefully administer the injections in strategic locations. This may include areas around your jaw, forehead, or temples. Our dentist uses very small needles, so there is very little risk of side effects or discomfort. Plus, he only uses materials from Allergan™, the creator of BOTOX, so you can trust that the injections are safe.

Is BOTOX Right for Me? 

BOTOX injections can effectively treat an overactive masseter, the muscle that helps your jaw close while chewing. Dr. Dolgos illustrates a simple exercise that can help you find the masseter and determine whether BOTOX is right for you. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Dolgos to discuss BOTOX treatments or discuss other underlying problems with your masseter.  

Start Your Journey Toward a Healthier Jaw Contacting Us Is the First Step

Dr. Dolgos uses the latest technology and techniques to create holistic treatment plans for our patients. Our goal doesn't stop at treating the jaw; we want to prevent future issues and improve your quality of life, which is why we provide our patients with as many resources as possible. Our patients enjoy free access to instructional videos, guides, and exercises. Treating TMJ disorder is a journey, but one that we can take together.

Begin your journey to a healthier jaw and request a consultation with TMJ expert Dr. Dolgos. Contact us online or call our Buffalo-area office at: 

(716) 675-5858

Dr. Dolgos

Why Choose Us For Your TMJ Needs in the Buffalo, NY, Area

TMJ Is Our Forte

Dr. Dolgos has dedicated his career to treating TMJ disorder and sleep apnea, resulting in skilled care and refined TMJ treatment techniques that you can't find with general dentists. He evaluates your overall health to create a personalized treatment plan and address health issues that affect TMJ. Dr. Dolgos's conservative techniques can relieve your pain and boost your quality of life without the need for surgery. 

Learn More About TMJ

Complimentary Resources

Treating TMJ disorder requires a multi-faceted approach. Our BOTOX treatments can relieve symptoms, but we want to target the source of the problem and encourage healthy jaw-related habits. That's why Dr. Dolgos founded TMJ Academy, a learning resource for patients and fellow professionals on how to treat TMJ disorders. Our patients receive free access to the Academy, which includes informational videos and daily exercises to rehabilitate and strengthen the jaw. 

Explore TMJ Academy

"Gentle, Patient, and Compassionate" 


Doris H


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Dr. Dolgos was gentle, patient and compassionate about my condition, as was his staff when he did his assessment of my jaw. I put my trust in the program and can say that today I have little to no pain, having learned the limits of and how to take care of my jaw. If you’re serious about overcoming TMJ issues and aren’t afraid of working for a more pain-free life, give Dr. Dolgos, Kathy & Buffalo TMJ a try!

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Martin Snyder


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I was referred to Dr. Dolgos due to a severe episode of TMJ that resulted in much jaw pain and an inability to open my mouth. It has been 3 months since I first met with Dr. Dolgos. I now can eat normally, and have almost no jaw pain. The caring, compassion, professionalism, skill level, and genuine friendliness of the staff at Buffalo TMJ deserves to be recognized. I highly recommend this practice. 

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Dr. Dolgos

Buffalo TMJ

Jeffrey M. Dolgos, DDS, has the experience and training to treat TMJ and sleep apnea. His professional achievements include:

  • Academy of General Dentistry - Fellowship
  • American Academy of Craniofacial Pain - Fellowship
  • Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry - Certified Instructor
  • American Academy of Physiological Medicine and Dentistry - Member
  • American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine - Member
  • Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology - Member

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I have suffered from terrible migraines related to TMJ for a long time. I finally found relief after going to Dr. Dolgos! I recently tried Botox injections for my migraines and have had amazing results! If you have TMJ I would definitely recommend making an appointment!
Kathleen B.

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